Fuji Xt2


The thing you always hear is that Fuji cameras make you want to go out and shoot. That is totally true for us. We love the way they look and feel. We love how lightweight they are as many of our shooting days can last 10 plus hours or have us in precarious situations where every ounce of weight saved makes our job easier. 

So why the Fuji XT2 instead of the X-pro2?

This was a huge debate for us. Bryan uses an Xt10 for personal work which is like a miniature xt2 and I've always used range finder style fuji's like their X100. I was naturally drawn to the look of the Xpro2, but there is a couple of reasons why we decided to go with the XT2 over the Xpro2.  The biggest reason though is that past the look of the Xpro2, it is simply a better camera. You can find all of the specific numbers in a million places, so I will just list a few quick reasons here. 

  • It's Burst Mode is a lot Faster
  • It can Tether Capture for studio work 
  • It is balanced much more than the Xpro2 was with the Large 16-55mm lens
  • It has a better grip for us
  • It has better autofocus
  • Dual SD card slots

All of these reasons led us to the XT2. We just couldn't justify the sexier look over a more functional camera when this is our job. 

Since purchase, we are super happy with the camera. It allows us both to be run and gunning for shoots and capturing different perspectives. Another added benefit is it becomes a different system to switch up the creative process with. I read about how musicians use new guitars to refresh their songwriting and photography is the same way. It just keeps the process fresh and exciting. 

A few Extra Fuji Features we love

  • The classic Fuji film profiles are fantastic for a first look
  • wireless transfer right to our phones is something we love for Social media posting
  • Sharpness and Autofocus are second to none
  • size and weight are perfect for long shoot days
  • Fuji glass is amazingly sharp, light, and cheaper than other lens brands like Sony

Next addition to the Fuji kit

We would love to add a new underwater housing to combine with the fuji and the 10-24mm lens. This would be a perfect camera speed wise for shooting fast action in the water. 

In the end no camera can save a bad photo, but for us, keeping it fresh and exciting allows us to keep pushing ourselves creatively and that made it worth the $3500 investment. 

Have Question? Feel Free to reach out to us to continue the conversation!

Thomas O'Hara