How we use Evernote


Organization is a big part of our business. We are constantly refining how we organize everything and always trying to improve.  We use a number of different tools to stay organized from moleskine paper notebooks to calendars, but a big part of our organization is through Evernote. 

If you don't know, Evernote is essentially an online notebook. You can create multiple notebooks and notes in each book. The real power of Evernote is its searchability for what you are looking for. 

We have three main purposes for Evernote within our business. 

1. Receipts

First, (and least exciting) we store all of our receipts in Evernote. Evernote has a built in scanner that we can use with our phone and load it into a receipt notebook. In the title we will put a quick note about what is in the receipt and the year. That's it! An extra second of time and we make sure we never lose a receipt. Another added bonus of paperless receipts is that this way they never fade and become unreadable. We also have started keeping a notebook of receipts as a way to be more accountable for expenditures, but that's a post for another day

2. Weeklies

At the start of every week Bryan and I create a new note with all of the pertinent information needed.  We break it down day by day. This serves as our checklist for the week. It keeps us on track and allows us to both update it even if we are in different places since Evernote notes can be shared, so we don't accidentally end up working on the same task. Writing everything down is essential to us being productive. 

Example of Weeklies:




3. Mood Boards

The third most common reason we use evernote is to create moodboards for a particular job. We will load in a bunch of screenshots that we like. This can help us determine a look and a feel for a project and make sure we are on the same page for styling. If you found an inspiring gallery on some page on the web Evernote also has a great webclipper you can use to capture things from your browser to look through later.

Example of a mood Board. 




Evernote is so good because it has unlimited ways to be used. It is a blank canvas that you can organize and fill however suits you best. I'm sure a year from now how we set it up will be different again as our business grows and adapts. But for right now these simple usages have drastically improved our productivity. 

We'd love to know how you utilize Evernote in your business. Feel Free to reach out to us to continue the conversation.

Thomas O'Hara