New Website

The Launch of our new site!

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by! There have been some changes over here at Cooper and O'Hara. We have just Changed platforms from Wordpress to Squarespace. Wordpress has always worked well for us, but we found ourselves never updating it, as some tasks were just to difficult for our photographer brains. We are now choosing to take squarespace for a test drive. After peer reviews and testing it ourselves we are finding it a much simpler platform to perform our daily tasks on. 

With that in mind, we are hoping to bring back the blog! It will be focused on running a business, our business, and the daily ins and outs involved with that. Hopefully you can find some useful information in the words and photos we post. There will be a large range of articles from strictly BTS pictures, to gear reviews, to business advice. I think there will be something for everyone and we encourage you to check back regularly. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point. We are super grateful! We are also super excited for this new chapter to start unfolding. 




Thomas & Bryan


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