Fashion with Compassion Portraits


Sorrentino's Compassion House is an amazing charitable organization in Edmonton that provides support and housing for women who are undergoing cancer treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute, but live in distant communities, often rural areas, since the catchment area for the Cross is so large.

Every year Compassion House hosts a huge fundraising fashion show since the cost of helping so many is not cheap. It's an incredible event and makes a huge difference. Part of the event is an emphasis on not just the models and fashion but the "special models" of the evening - cancer survivors who called Compassion House their home during treatment.

We've worked with Compassion House for years, and thought that this would be an excellent personal project to create portraits of these women to give a reminder of a beautiful night and to share with the world at large what great work the foundation does. Here are the portraits below! We'll also be sharing a tutorial on how we made the custom backdrop for this project so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thomas O'Haraportrait